The 58th Grammy Awards: Epic Fashion Fails

Grammy Awards

The 58th Grammy Awards: Epic Fashion Fails

On February 15, 2016 the 58th Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The ceremony recognizes the best recordings, compositions and artists of the previous year, the year being from October 1 to September 30.

It feels like the Grammy Awards this year was for the recognition of mediocrity in fashion.

The Awards ceremony was a success but from what I saw it was filled mostly with fashion fails. The makeup and hair is getting tacky and whacky these days.

I guess their lyrical creativity doesn’t rub off on their fashion sense. As the years go by the female artists are getting worse in their choice of outfits and I wonder how the designers of those outfits sleep at night (I guess they call themselves geniuses followed by a pat on their maniacal backs). They just keep doing injustice to Fashion and disappointing the fans waiting on them.

It is frustrating enough that all we see in music videos these days are naked butts but to bring it to the Grammy Awards Red Carpet is just preposterous.

Grammy Awards

Taylor Swift

Why in God’s name did Taylor Swift wear that exaggerated beach outfit on the red carpet? With all the money she has? Obviously money cannot buy class. And to think it was an Atelier Versace coral and fuchsia two-piece (gosh!).

Well what did I expect from Donatella Versace? Anyone that could do a bungled face job can bungle something as simple as a dress (just saying). To think she was proud of her absurdity in this interview.

Grammy Awards


And what was Manika thinking when she looked in the mirror? If this dress (I am not even sure I should call it a dress) is her definition of sexy then I am worried.

Grammy Awards


Ciara did a bad number on me with this dress of hers. It is what you call an “Almost”. It was almost lovely till they forgot to finish up the sewing.

Grammy Awards

Joy Villa

Joy Villa also made it to the list of our worst dressed attendees at the Grammys. Her outfit looks like what a gladiator would wear to the ring.

Grammy Awards


Oh Dencia! What was she thinking in this onesie? Sure looks like PJ’s or a playdate wear but definitely not for the Red Carpet.

Grammy Awards


Please can someone take a cue from Adele? Adele in this Givenchy dress is the definition of sensational. This lady sure knows the Simplicity Rule. She knows less is more she also knows the greatest beauties the world has known were classy.

From her music to her style she has that captivating magic that just endears her to us. The makeup, hair and accessories were just the in the right proportion to the outfit. You cannot ever go wrong with a lovely black dress and modesty.

If you have any outfit you want to add to the worst dressed list from the Grammy Awards do let us know in the comments section.

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