5 Lessons From Entrepreneur Personal Experience

Entrepreneur Personal Experience

5 Lessons From Entrepreneur Personal Experience

As writers most of what we write are researched to know more about situations different people face and proffer solutions. How do you think we manage to sound so wise and accomplished? (just Kidding). In this article I will get more personal; I will share lessons from my entrepreneur personal experience so far this year.

One would expect that after I had written articles like 9 Tips To Help Entrepreneurs Achieve New Year Resolutions, 7 New Year’s Resolutions Entrepreneurs Need, Challenges Entrepreneurs Face In Our Clime and 21 Attributes of Every Successful Entrepreneur where I addressed issues like Focus, Delegation, Healthy Living, Lack of Support and A Think Tank Team that I would be the last person writing this. Well as humans our most prized possessions are the experiences (good or bad) we have had in life.

2016 is 25 days gone and I have been through all sorts of situations. I had some entrepreneur personal experience which I will share with you; probably one or two things will resonate with you.


A number of things have happened this year that has taken me from a high to a low and back to a high; it has been a roller-coaster and I can say if it was not properly managed it would have derailed me. What really helped was I had a good friend and mentor that kept me grounded and made sure I had my head in the game no matter what happened. Just as I wrote in Challenges Entrepreneurs Face In Our Clime on Lack of Support and A Think Tank Team surround yourself with exceptional people; they will always come through for you.


I got caught up in the hustle and bustle neglecting my health. Due to trying to do so many things myself I neglected my exercises and ate a lot of junk. Each day I kept saying to myself I will exercise tomorrow and tomorrow just kept piling up with the junk I was eating. Well guess what? I had to pay the price and despite the determination I could not get anything done. As I write this piece I am presently lying on my bed (I cannot even sit at a table) and feel nauseated to the brim with the junk food.


I have also learnt in my entrepreneur personal experience that to get the best result you need to do things yourself when you cannot afford to pay an expert. This will save you a lot of time and resources in the long run. I did hire a young man to care for my growing fish farm (yes I am also a fish farmer) thinking it would give me time to do the other things I had mapped out for the year. I felt I could teach him the nitty gritty but overtime it cost me more because I had to redo a lot of the things he did and constantly be on ground to supervise yet I had to pay him; that was a total waste of time and money. I eventually had to terminate his appointment; now managing the fish farm myself till it can break even to pay for the services of an experienced hand.


Another entrepreneur personal experience lesson I learnt is knowing when not to take on too much; simply knowing when to delegate. As much as we say whatever is worth doing well is worth doing yourself; as an entrepreneur it is important to delegate tasks to very capable hands as soon as the business starts growing to ensure you do not lose focus and have enough time for more important tasks that needs your attention such as innovation.


In everything you do ensure you know when to strike a balance in terms of know when to do things yourself and know when to delegate. It helps to know what is more important for you to achieve. Outlining your goals in order of importance helps to maintain focus. If I had followed my outlined goals one after the other judiciously I would not have attempted to do many things at a time.

It is one thing to administer drugs it is another thing to use them. Is it just me or do you notice how doctors do not like medication? So it did not really come as a surprise to me when I sat back to analyze the year and I noticed these lapses.

These are lessons I have learnt this year in my entrepreneur personal experience. Please feel free to share yours with our readers in the comments section. It will help someone.

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