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Bridal Fall 2017

Bridal Fall 2017: 37 Stunning Wedding Dresses You Should See

It’s the Bridal Fall 2017.

Did you miss out on the bridal fall 2017 from the fashion week? Don’t fret; we got you covered.

Are you about to get married or you love looking at wedding dresses like I do? Then you are in luck.

Here’s a collection of the most awe-inspiring wedding dresses for 2016/2017.

Your wedding dress is a statement.

So up your game with these styles.

Weddings are a celebration of love. Two people defying all odds to be together.

With it comes fashion and fanfare.

A lot of designers showcased their collections in the Bridal Fall 2017.

From Alfred Angelo to Carolina Herrera and Vera Wang.

We made our choices based on our watchword simplicity. Do enjoy.

These lacy Alfred Angelo dresses though simple are adorable.

Bridal Fall 2017


Bridal Fall 2017

Alfred Angelo.


Bridal Fall 2017

Anne Barge.

Lovely lace details. Flowing and girly. Just makes you want to swirl.

Bridal Fall 2017

Carolina Herrera off shoulder dress.


Bridal Fall 2017

Lacey Carolina Herrera halter neck dress; so gorgeous. Very modest yet classy.

Bridal Fall 2017

Two piece.


Bridal Fall 2017

Carolina Herrera.


Bridal Fall 2017



Bridal Fall 2017

Dennis Basso.

Dennis Basso. A short off shoulder ball dress. You can wear to the church or registry.


Bridal Fall 2017

Eve Of Milady.


Bridal Fall 2017

Inbal Dror.


Bridal Fall 2017


Bridal Fall 2017

Ines Di Santo.


Bridal Fall 2017


Bridal Fall 2017

Lela Rose.


Bridal Fall 2017

Lihi Hod Carmen Front Dress.

Notice the waist? Nice.

Bridal Fall 2017

Lauren Front Dress.


Bridal Fall 2017

Lihi Hod Zoe Front Dress.


Bridal Fall 2017



Bridal Fall 2017

Mark Zunino.


Bridal Fall 2017

Do you see the slit?  This dress is your best bet for a Caribbean themed or beach wedding.


Bridal Fall 2017

Monique Lhuillier.


Naeem Khan.

Naeem Khan.


Bridal Fall 2017

Oleg Cassini.


Bridal Fall 2017

Pnina Tornai.


Bridal Fall 2017


Looking to be graceful?

Bridal Fall 2017


Bridal Fall 2017


Bridal Fall 2017


Simple yet so beautiful.

Bridal Fall 2017

Reem Acra.


Reem Acra


Bridal Fall 2017

Reem Acra.


Bridal Fall 2017

Sachin and Babi.


Bridal Fall 2017


Love this unconventional wedding outfit. If you feel your church won’t allow wear it to the registry.

Vera Wang

Vera Wang




These are the dresses that made it to our list. The designers brought their A-game but these are our favorite.

Join the conversation to tell us which you prefer or if there are others that made it to your list.





AMVCA 2016

AMVCA 2016 : And They Stunned Us

The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA 2016)

The fashion, the glitz, the glamour, the embellishments, the accessories, the beauty, the makeup (nothing dramatic; a lot of nudes which gave them the fresh and elegant look), the hair etc. We saw everything on the AMVCA 2016 red carpet from the full skirts to the mermaid gowns. I can go on and on.

The men looked dapper and extraordinary while the women were chic and drop dead gorgeous. They came, they slayed, they conquered and no shade.

They sure made Nigeria and Africa proud. Take notes Hollywood (they ought to come down here to see our style and take home some lessons).

AMVCA 2016

Funke Akindele


Sika Osei

Sika Osei

The next time you depict Africa on TV as a starved kid with his ribs peeking out of his body, flies hovering his malnourished body and mucus running down his nose you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Adesua Etomi

Adesua Etomi

AMVCA 2016


Femi Adebayo & Iyabo-Ojo

Femi Adebayo & Iyabo-Ojo

Back to the gist. Wow!!! So much awesomeness under one roof.

Make way people Nigeria has officially set the bar for fashion at an awards ceremony. An award event has never been this superb.

Genevieve Nnaji

Genevieve Nnaji

Ini Edo

Ini Edo

AMVCA 2016

Kate Henshaw

AMVCA 2016

Mercy Aigbe

AMVCA 2016

Omoni Oboli

Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade

A lot of our stars got the memo on the Simplicity Rule (simple is classy) and I must commend them.

I must confess this is the first time I will sit through an award event; I was so awestruck I could not walk away like I normally would. It is so fascinating that we have metamorphosed into a beautiful butterfly fashion wise and to think some of the outfits were by our very own designers like Deola Sagoe, Mai Atafo etc.

AMVCA 2016

Stephanie Linus

AMVCA 2016


AMVCA 2016


I am so looking forward to seeing more sensational award ceremonies henceforth. I am so mind-blown I wish there would be another AMVCA 2016 tomorrow.

If there is an outfit that blew you away at the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA 2016) feel free to share with us in the comments section.

Grammy Awards

The 58th Grammy Awards: Epic Fashion Fails

On February 15, 2016 the 58th Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The ceremony recognizes the best recordings, compositions and artists of the previous year, the year being from October 1 to September 30.

It feels like the Grammy Awards this year was for the recognition of mediocrity in fashion.

The Awards ceremony was a success but from what I saw it was filled mostly with fashion fails. The makeup and hair is getting tacky and whacky these days.

I guess their lyrical creativity doesn’t rub off on their fashion sense. As the years go by the female artists are getting worse in their choice of outfits and I wonder how the designers of those outfits sleep at night (I guess they call themselves geniuses followed by a pat on their maniacal backs). They just keep doing injustice to Fashion and disappointing the fans waiting on them.

It is frustrating enough that all we see in music videos these days are naked butts but to bring it to the Grammy Awards Red Carpet is just preposterous.

Grammy Awards

Taylor Swift

Why in God’s name did Taylor Swift wear that exaggerated beach outfit on the red carpet? With all the money she has? Obviously money cannot buy class. And to think it was an Atelier Versace coral and fuchsia two-piece (gosh!).

Well what did I expect from Donatella Versace? Anyone that could do a bungled face job can bungle something as simple as a dress (just saying). To think she was proud of her absurdity in this interview.

Grammy Awards


And what was Manika thinking when she looked in the mirror? If this dress (I am not even sure I should call it a dress) is her definition of sexy then I am worried.

Grammy Awards


Ciara did a bad number on me with this dress of hers. It is what you call an “Almost”. It was almost lovely till they forgot to finish up the sewing.

Grammy Awards

Joy Villa

Joy Villa also made it to the list of our worst dressed attendees at the Grammys. Her outfit looks like what a gladiator would wear to the ring.

Grammy Awards


Oh Dencia! What was she thinking in this onesie? Sure looks like PJ’s or a playdate wear but definitely not for the Red Carpet.

Grammy Awards


Please can someone take a cue from Adele? Adele in this Givenchy dress is the definition of sensational. This lady sure knows the Simplicity Rule. She knows less is more she also knows the greatest beauties the world has known were classy.

From her music to her style she has that captivating magic that just endears her to us. The makeup, hair and accessories were just the in the right proportion to the outfit. You cannot ever go wrong with a lovely black dress and modesty.

If you have any outfit you want to add to the worst dressed list from the Grammy Awards do let us know in the comments section.

Golden Globe Awards 2016

Golden Globe Awards 2016: Slayed or Shade

It is the Awards season and the 73rd edition of the Golden Globe Awards was a hit back to back (a Nigerian joke).

The Golden Globe Awards honored the best in film and American television of 2015 and was broadcasted live on January 10, 2016 from The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California. I am not here to list the winners rather I will talk about who won my heart and who lost it.

Everyone came out and they either nailed it or failed it. They either slayed or shade. There were outfits that won my heart, there were outfits that made me question the wearer’s sanity and there were outfits that made me weep.

The outfit on the left looking all princessy is a Zac Posen dress worn by Gina Rodriguez; the off shoulder sleeves were just at the right angle, not falling off and no boobies peeking. She definitely took a leaf from the Simplicity Rules. She looked simple yet glamorous.

For the hair the simple all back style looked sexy and yet refreshing. Complemented with lovely earrings that transformed her face. We see the simplicity in her not using a neck piece and that brought out a rare kind of beauty.

The make up quite simple and not dramatic made her look irresistible. This lady sure knows the Simplicity Rules because she completed her accessories with simple yet luxurious bracelets.

The dress! Boy did she rock the dress.

I call it elegance personified. Sensational and classy. Undeniably remarkable.

Thumbs up to her stylist and if the outfit was all her then she needs to drive some of the stylists out of business. The dress is life-changing. You cannot be a princess for a night in this dress and go back to looking drab and trashy.

The outfit on the right is excruciating. Obviously Linnethia Monique “Nene” Leakes did not get the memo that less is more.

So much cleavage in our faces is just mediocre.

Cover up those boobies woman!

I am for bodycon dresses any day anytime but her choice of dress color and hair color seems quite absurd to me. Looks awkward if you ask me. If she had on her natural hair color she could have pulled it of wearing that color of dress.

Do not really have much to say about this dress  because I cannot look beyond the clashing colors of the dress and hair.

If you have any outfit that did it for you at the Golden Globe Awards do let us know in the comments section. Also we will be looking into other awards to see what our darling stars would wear on the Red carpet.


Mix and Match

Mix and Match Cheat Sheet

Do you know there are several ways you can wear a dress? Do you know how to mix and match like a pro? Do you know accessories can change the game? Do you know you can mix and match with Apps?

If you are like me that does not like owning so many clothes at a time (it just makes me feel choked) you will definitely feel like you have nothing to wear at some point especially if you are not the type that shops for different occasions.

So how do you get rid of this feeling?

Simple just mix and match. Combining your clothes in different ways with accessories (jewelry, shoe and purse/ bag) that match the occasion appropriately gives your outfit the cred it needs to go with the occasion you are attending.

The same outfit you wear to the office can also be worn to an event; what makes the difference is the accessories you pair it with, how you mix and match the colors. For the office appearance simply wear a shoe that befits your work environment either pumps or flats and pair with a handbag that gives you that official boss lady look while for the party look jazz up the same outfit with glamorous heels and a purse that pops.

As you can see in the picture above I used the same dress to create two different looks just by changing the accessories. To your left are the accessories for your typical office or work look while if you mix and match the same dress  with the accessories on the right it makes you look just fab for that dinner, event or night out with your gals. Looking gorgeous without breaking the bank; simple and yet elegant.

Did you notice how I combined the black and white colors of the dress with a twinge of red accessories? That was intentional; to brighten the outfit. For the day look use a dark shade of red lipstick while for the night look spice up the look with a nutty red lipstick depending on what fits you of course.

For those of you that are so conscious of what people would say about them repeating a dress you will be so surprised that hardly would people remember or notice that you are repeating that dress if you accessorize properly. They would be very busy admiring your accessories so no need fretting if you have not gotten a dress to wear to that event yet simply rock your to die-for shoe and handbag/purse and complete the look with a piece of exquisite jewelry.

These days there are Android and iPhone applications to help you mix and match items in your closet in terms of what you plan to wear to the office or an event. You simply take pictures of the accessories and clothes in your closet then you mix and match them on your gadget just how you intend to wear them thereby reducing the hours you spend in front of the mirror getting the look right. If you need a second opinion you can also send the look to a friend to veto for you. You can save the look you plan to pull off everyday alongside the date on the calendar or the date of the event just so you do not leave any detail out on the said day.

Apps like Stylicious (Android App) which also has an online store you can quickly buy from while you are organizing your wardrobe for the week or month and Stylebook (iPhone and iPad App) helps you organize for as long as a month ahead so you need not worry everyday about what to wear.

When you are dressed for the office or when next you are going to that outing or event take a selfie and post here I would love to see how you mix and match.

As styled by MoKrystal. Love the look?  You can use our Personal Shopper to also get the look.

Red Carpet Looks

Red Carpet Looks: Simplicity Rules

It is becoming common place to attend one red carpet event or the other. These days we have different names for these events but it is still the traditional red carpet event be it Green carpet, Yellow carpet or what have you. The yuletide season when a lot of organisations organize one red carpet event or the other is upon us already so let’s have you prepared so you can own that red carpet.

The idea is to attend these events and leave a mark in the history of fashion. Sadly in the bid to outdo others for attention and applause people tend to go over the top in terms of colour and style. The rule for any occasion is simplicity; keep it simple be it your hair, make up, colors and the dress.

With simplicity you can never go wrong and you can never look trashy rather you look exquisite with an air of maturity. This is the one rule ageless beauties around the world adhere to from Princess Diana to Adele.

Every other thing in the mix is to compliment your looks like your purse, shoes and jewelries.

To pull off the Simple look there are basic rules. These rules do not just apply to red carpet events but every other type of event.


Keep your hairstyle simple;wear styles that accentuate your face shape. If you will be wearing dangling earrings for the event pack your hair up stylishly; you do not want your hair and earrings doing battle besides this leaves you looking like a mess.

If you choose to wear a neck piece it is also advisable you wear your hair up. If you decide not to wear earrings or do the no neck-piece look on the red carpet  it is better to let down your hair. This will enhance your natural looks.


Ensure your make up is simple in terms of the eye shadow and lipstick. Asides being simple ensure they blend with the colors you are wearing also make sure your concealer, powder, mascara, blush  and eyebrows are properly done.

For that red carpet look it is important to take into cognizance the contouring and highlighting of your face while considering your face shape.

Ladies before you start piling up all that make up from the concealer to the powder, blush and all; you might want to check with a professional to determine your skin color and type. Which shade of these products match your skin color and which of these products is good for you to avoid having breakouts and all sorts due to the chemicals in these products.

If you feel consulting a professional is too expensive (you should never feel skin care is too expensive) and you want to ensure you use the right shade simply rub little of the concealer, foundation or powder you want to buy on the backside of your palm; the shade that blends in perfectly is yours.

I will still advise you meet with a skin and beauty consultant to be sure that product does not have adverse effects on your skin. I have seen cases of terrible rash and breakouts after the use of a particular product.


The Red carpet dress

Red carpet dress; Simple and elegant


This is a trap a lot of people fall into. As said earlier when wearing earrings that dangles it is best to pack your hair up also avoid wearing bracelets when wearing big loops.

The neckline of your dress is meant to dictate the position of your neck-piece. If you are wearing a one-shoulder outfit it is best not to wear a neck piece also you should wear an earring that is not too bogus. If the outfit is an off-shoulder wear a neck piece that rests above the neckline of the dress; ensure the jewelry does not touch or overlap the neckline of the dress.

If it is a plunging round-neck wear something that sits well above the neckline of the outfit. If the neckline is a high round-neck then the neck-piece can come all the way down. If it is a V-neck wear a neck-piece that is quite up there, better still do not wear a neck-piece and if the neckline of the dress is embroidered or jeweled do not wear a neck-piece at all.

Your bracelets can be bogus when you are not wearing earrings or a neck-piece but if you have earrings and a neck-piece on, it is better to wear a simple bracelet.


This is a tricky one if you do not understand your skin color and body type. The color of the dress should complement your skin color; make it alive. If you are very dark skinned wear a dress with colors in its purest original form (Hue), if you are brown skinned wear Tinted colors (Hue+White), if you are light skinned wear Toned colors (Hue+Grey) and if you are white skinned wear Shade colors (Hue+Black). This is to simply complement your skin color. To better understand how to combine colors get the Color Wheel here and more here.

If you have a curvy body type wear a dress that accentuates your body type, if you are without curves or you have a boyish figure wear an A-Line dress or a Ball gown. They will do well to hide your lack of curves while highlighting your good side.

If you are on the plus side wear something that is not clingy to avoid unnecessary attention being drawn to the extra pound of flesh.


As for these the rule of simplicity says keep the colors simple and easy on the eyes. If you want to combine colors for the purse and shoes just ensure they complement the dress. By rule there are colors you can not go wrong with; black, nude, gold, silver, red, mauve and leopard prints. The trick is to select one of these that closely matches your outfit.

Do not wear peep toes when your pedicure has not been done; It is not ladylike and you never can tell who is watching you on the red carpet girl.

If you follow these basic rules I can guarantee you will be one of the classy few on the red carpet in that event. From the picture above we can see our own Rita Dominic following the Simplicity Rule; from her hair to the make-up and jewelry. Is she not looking glamorous?

I would love to hear your experiences and opinions on this.

Color Wheel


Have you ever experienced a fashion fail or have you seen your friends and colleagues towing that scary path? Let’s take a minute or three to look at some of the fashion fails we mostly fall into so we can avoid it henceforth. These are tips desperately needed to ensure we look chic and elegant.


It can’t be overemphasized, colors are a major issue when we dress up; if they fit our complexion, how we combine colors, what colors of accessories we pair an outfit with or the color of the gele (head gear) we match with the aso-ebi not forgetting the shoe and bag/ purse.

Once upon a time we wore one color in different shades from head to toe then came the era of matching primary colors with secondary colors before we finally graduated to color blocking.

Most people wear whatever color is in vogue in that season to fit the crowd (so not cool) rather colors should be matched to the wearer’s complexion. A color is in vogue doesn’t mean it will complement you, learn about your skin color and colors that will brighten you up.

It is of the essence to have a Color Wheel; it shows the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary colors and everything in between. Having one at hand makes it easier to combine colours leaving you feeling like a Pro.


It’s a faux pas to wear mismatching stripes on stripes I mean combining the halves of a separate pair and it is worse to wear a striped shirt on a striped pant or a striped tie on a striped shirt and suit (so not it) and small stripes on big stripes is off limits.

Also any kind of dots on any kind of stripes or vice versa would make you look like the clown in the building. Instead combine stripes with plain clothes or dots with plain clothes.


Avoid looking like the drapes or the decorations. If your outfit is too busy bring it down a notch or two with your accessories, shoes and bags. The best dressed people always look simple not loud and yet are elegant. Ladies please cover up your mammaries; it is not fashionable rather it reeks of cheap publicity. As for those that sag their pants I know you feel like you are trying to get your swag on but please cover up your butts or briefs especially when your briefs are dirty; that’s just nasty (so not fashionable).

If you are doing red carpet events go for Chic hairstyles, Vintage and Haute Couture outfits (aim for glamour); do not choose that moment to be a rebel. Being on the red carpet is an opportunity for you to reinvent the fashion trends (in a good way of course) and not cause trauma.

Reduce the makeup ladies instead eat and live healthy. The world’s beauties don’t pile on so much makeup. The goal is to look classy not trashy.

If you are not curvy do no attempt to wear a curvy outfit; do ball gowns or A-line dresses instead. Know your body shape before choosing an outfit. Also if you have fats peeping out from those corners endeavor not to wear clingy clothes (that is absolutely a no-no) instead wear something with a little bit of room.

Endeavor not to slouch when you sit, walk with your back straight up and your chin held high. Ladies if you can’t work the heels please don’t wear them (It kills me when I see ladies on heels walking like they limp). Wear comfortable heels like wedges or flats.

I guess enough said for now. Women pass this on to other women while men take a cue from this and show your women.

Let’s do this people.


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