What Matters To Customers During Purchase Decision

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What Matters To Customers During Purchase Decision

As an entrepreneur have you ever asked what matters to customers in their decision to buy your products?

It cannot be overemphasized that you are in business because of your customers. Therefore it is of the essence to ask yourself what matters to customers while they make the decision to buy from you.

It is all about the customer’s experience whether you sell products or services.

Knowing what your customers consider important in their thought process to make a buy puts you a step ahead.

Customers pit businesses against one another during their decision making process. If you are privy to what goes on in their black box (head) then you can better satisfy them. This helps you to know your customer and what they want.

Once you get a handle on things it translates into more happy customers, more patronage, more repeat customers and of course more income for you.

Being able to identify what counts to buyers will keep them satisfied and coming back for more.

Why would a customer choose your product over your competitor’s?

A customer’s purchase decision is influenced by certain factors. Knowing these factors and working with them will give your business an edge over your competitors.

These determinants should be taken into consideration during production and marketing. It will enable you think like your customer would.

  • Product Features

The customer wants to know the product quality, features, benefits and durability while deciding if to purchase from you or your competitors.

You should take time to analyze the features and benefits of your product. If it is an App list features like app-lock, battery saver, save data etc. Then explain benefits like the App can lock other Apps, analyze battery status and reduce data usage while browsing.

Knowing the benefits of your product makes the customer aware of the immediate gain they would enjoy by using your product.

Endeavor to make your customer understand that a product’s features will not benefit them if it is not effectively put to use.

  • Competitive Price

The customer considers if your product is affordable, if it is in the range offered by your competitors, if it gives value for money spent and if is cheap to maintain on the long run.

Nobody wants to spend unnecessarily more than they should. They want to know they got the best bargain there is around.

  • Technical Direction

The customer considers what direction your product is going technically, is there room for improvement and updates.

In the case of gadgets what counts to your customers is the specifications, speed and how easy it is to set up.

Also will the product still be relevant in the future with all the innovations in the tech world?

While I was shopping for an Android phone despite the highest Operating System (OS) being Android 4.4 Kitkat I kept searching for a phone that would upgrade when a higher OS became available .

Over the years I upgraded it to Android Lollipop OS without buying a new phone.

Guess I saved myself the headache of phone purchase for some time.

  • Marketing and Product Strategy

Customers want to know if you offer support during and after sales and what kind. Do you offer phone support? Can they reach you over the phone if they have issues without making a trip to your office?

Is there warranty and for how long? What happens after the warranty expires?

They also want to know what plans you have in place for long distance customers. Are there support centers they can go to if they have issues with your product? If none can they send the product to you and who bears this extra cost?

  • Vendor Stability and Predictability

Customers take into consideration how stable your business is. They also consider the fact that they can predict the availability of your product.

It also matters to customers if they should trust your product and if it is of good reputation. What other customers have to say about your product.

Reviews play a huge role here. Share your product reviews everywhere you can; on your website, blog, Facebook page and in your advert message.

Share your good and bad reviews as well but make sure you respond promptly with solutions to bad reviews.

Sharing the bad reviews passes a message that you appreciate the customer’s patronage and their opinion.

When you focus on what matters to customers while they mull over the idea of buying from you or your competitor it helps you create a precise advert message.

A precise advert message speaks to a targeted audience with answers to their questions as to what a particular product can give them. This convinces them that you know and have what they need.

A customer does not just want to be pitched rather a customer wants solutions to problems. If you think like your customer would while deciding to buy a product you have more chances of winning over that customer.

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