Mix and Match Cheat Sheet

Mix and Match

Mix and Match Cheat Sheet

Do you know there are several ways you can wear a dress? Do you know how to mix and match like a pro? Do you know accessories can change the game? Do you know you can mix and match with Apps?

If you are like me that does not like owning so many clothes at a time (it just makes me feel choked) you will definitely feel like you have nothing to wear at some point especially if you are not the type that shops for different occasions.

So how do you get rid of this feeling?

Simple just mix and match. Combining your clothes in different ways with accessories (jewelry, shoe and purse/ bag) that match the occasion appropriately gives your outfit the cred it needs to go with the occasion you are attending.

The same outfit you wear to the office can also be worn to an event; what makes the difference is the accessories you pair it with, how you mix and match the colors. For the office appearance simply wear a shoe that befits your work environment either pumps or flats and pair with a handbag that gives you that official boss lady look while for the party look jazz up the same outfit with glamorous heels and a purse that pops.

As you can see in the picture above I used the same dress to create two different looks just by changing the accessories. To your left are the accessories for your typical office or work look while if you mix and match the same dress  with the accessories on the right it makes you look just fab for that dinner, event or night out with your gals. Looking gorgeous without breaking the bank; simple and yet elegant.

Did you notice how I combined the black and white colors of the dress with a twinge of red accessories? That was intentional; to brighten the outfit. For the day look use a dark shade of red lipstick while for the night look spice up the look with a nutty red lipstick depending on what fits you of course.

For those of you that are so conscious of what people would say about them repeating a dress you will be so surprised that hardly would people remember or notice that you are repeating that dress if you accessorize properly. They would be very busy admiring your accessories so no need fretting if you have not gotten a dress to wear to that event yet simply rock your to die-for shoe and handbag/purse and complete the look with a piece of exquisite jewelry.

These days there are Android and iPhone applications to help you mix and match items in your closet in terms of what you plan to wear to the office or an event. You simply take pictures of the accessories and clothes in your closet then you mix and match them on your gadget just how you intend to wear them thereby reducing the hours you spend in front of the mirror getting the look right. If you need a second opinion you can also send the look to a friend to veto for you. You can save the look you plan to pull off everyday alongside the date on the calendar or the date of the event just so you do not leave any detail out on the said day.

Apps like Stylicious (Android App) which also has an online store you can quickly buy from while you are organizing your wardrobe for the week or month and Stylebook (iPhone and iPad App) helps you organize for as long as a month ahead so you need not worry everyday about what to wear.

When you are dressed for the office or when next you are going to that outing or event take a selfie and post here I would love to see how you mix and match.

As styled by MoKrystal. Love the look?  You can use our Personal Shopper to also get the look.

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