Red Carpet Looks: Simplicity Rules

Red Carpet Looks

Red Carpet Looks: Simplicity Rules

It is becoming common place to attend one red carpet event or the other. These days we have different names for these events but it is still the traditional red carpet event be it Green carpet, Yellow carpet or what have you. The yuletide season when a lot of organisations organize one red carpet event or the other is upon us already so let’s have you prepared so you can own that red carpet.

The idea is to attend these events and leave a mark in the history of fashion. Sadly in the bid to outdo others for attention and applause people tend to go over the top in terms of colour and style. The rule for any occasion is simplicity; keep it simple be it your hair, make up, colors and the dress.

With simplicity you can never go wrong and you can never look trashy rather you look exquisite with an air of maturity. This is the one rule ageless beauties around the world adhere to from Princess Diana to Adele.

Every other thing in the mix is to compliment your looks like your purse, shoes and jewelries.

To pull off the Simple look there are basic rules. These rules do not just apply to red carpet events but every other type of event.


Keep your hairstyle simple;wear styles that accentuate your face shape. If you will be wearing dangling earrings for the event pack your hair up stylishly; you do not want your hair and earrings doing battle besides this leaves you looking like a mess.

If you choose to wear a neck piece it is also advisable you wear your hair up. If you decide not to wear earrings or do the no neck-piece look on the red carpet  it is better to let down your hair. This will enhance your natural looks.


Ensure your make up is simple in terms of the eye shadow and lipstick. Asides being simple ensure they blend with the colors you are wearing also make sure your concealer, powder, mascara, blush  and eyebrows are properly done.

For that red carpet look it is important to take into cognizance the contouring and highlighting of your face while considering your face shape.

Ladies before you start piling up all that make up from the concealer to the powder, blush and all; you might want to check with a professional to determine your skin color and type. Which shade of these products match your skin color and which of these products is good for you to avoid having breakouts and all sorts due to the chemicals in these products.

If you feel consulting a professional is too expensive (you should never feel skin care is too expensive) and you want to ensure you use the right shade simply rub little of the concealer, foundation or powder you want to buy on the backside of your palm; the shade that blends in perfectly is yours.

I will still advise you meet with a skin and beauty consultant to be sure that product does not have adverse effects on your skin. I have seen cases of terrible rash and breakouts after the use of a particular product.


The Red carpet dress

Red carpet dress; Simple and elegant


This is a trap a lot of people fall into. As said earlier when wearing earrings that dangles it is best to pack your hair up also avoid wearing bracelets when wearing big loops.

The neckline of your dress is meant to dictate the position of your neck-piece. If you are wearing a one-shoulder outfit it is best not to wear a neck piece also you should wear an earring that is not too bogus. If the outfit is an off-shoulder wear a neck piece that rests above the neckline of the dress; ensure the jewelry does not touch or overlap the neckline of the dress.

If it is a plunging round-neck wear something that sits well above the neckline of the outfit. If the neckline is a high round-neck then the neck-piece can come all the way down. If it is a V-neck wear a neck-piece that is quite up there, better still do not wear a neck-piece and if the neckline of the dress is embroidered or jeweled do not wear a neck-piece at all.

Your bracelets can be bogus when you are not wearing earrings or a neck-piece but if you have earrings and a neck-piece on, it is better to wear a simple bracelet.


This is a tricky one if you do not understand your skin color and body type. The color of the dress should complement your skin color; make it alive. If you are very dark skinned wear a dress with colors in its purest original form (Hue), if you are brown skinned wear Tinted colors (Hue+White), if you are light skinned wear Toned colors (Hue+Grey) and if you are white skinned wear Shade colors (Hue+Black). This is to simply complement your skin color. To better understand how to combine colors get the Color Wheel here and more here.

If you have a curvy body type wear a dress that accentuates your body type, if you are without curves or you have a boyish figure wear an A-Line dress or a Ball gown. They will do well to hide your lack of curves while highlighting your good side.

If you are on the plus side wear something that is not clingy to avoid unnecessary attention being drawn to the extra pound of flesh.


As for these the rule of simplicity says keep the colors simple and easy on the eyes. If you want to combine colors for the purse and shoes just ensure they complement the dress. By rule there are colors you can not go wrong with; black, nude, gold, silver, red, mauve and leopard prints. The trick is to select one of these that closely matches your outfit.

Do not wear peep toes when your pedicure has not been done; It is not ladylike and you never can tell who is watching you on the red carpet girl.

If you follow these basic rules I can guarantee you will be one of the classy few on the red carpet in that event. From the picture above we can see our own Rita Dominic following the Simplicity Rule; from her hair to the make-up and jewelry. Is she not looking glamorous?

I would love to hear your experiences and opinions on this.

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