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Have you ever experienced a fashion fail or have you seen your friends and colleagues towing that scary path? Let’s take a minute or three to look at some of the fashion fails we mostly fall into so we can avoid it henceforth. These are tips desperately needed to ensure we look chic and elegant.


It can’t be overemphasized, colors are a major issue when we dress up; if they fit our complexion, how we combine colors, what colors of accessories we pair an outfit with or the color of the gele (head gear) we match with the aso-ebi not forgetting the shoe and bag/ purse.

Once upon a time we wore one color in different shades from head to toe then came the era of matching primary colors with secondary colors before we finally graduated to color blocking.

Most people wear whatever color is in vogue in that season to fit the crowd (so not cool) rather colors should be matched to the wearer’s complexion. A color is in vogue doesn’t mean it will complement you, learn about your skin color and colors that will brighten you up.

It is of the essence to have a Color Wheel; it shows the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary colors and everything in between. Having one at hand makes it easier to combine colours leaving you feeling like a Pro.


It’s a faux pas to wear mismatching stripes on stripes I mean combining the halves of a separate pair and it is worse to wear a striped shirt on a striped pant or a striped tie on a striped shirt and suit (so not it) and small stripes on big stripes is off limits.

Also any kind of dots on any kind of stripes or vice versa would make you look like the clown in the building. Instead combine stripes with plain clothes or dots with plain clothes.


Avoid looking like the drapes or the decorations. If your outfit is too busy bring it down a notch or two with your accessories, shoes and bags. The best dressed people always look simple not loud and yet are elegant. Ladies please cover up your mammaries; it is not fashionable rather it reeks of cheap publicity. As for those that sag their pants I know you feel like you are trying to get your swag on but please cover up your butts or briefs especially when your briefs are dirty; that’s just nasty (so not fashionable).

If you are doing red carpet events go for Chic hairstyles, Vintage and Haute Couture outfits (aim for glamour); do not choose that moment to be a rebel. Being on the red carpet is an opportunity for you to reinvent the fashion trends (in a good way of course) and not cause trauma.

Reduce the makeup ladies instead eat and live healthy. The world’s beauties don’t pile on so much makeup. The goal is to look classy not trashy.

If you are not curvy do no attempt to wear a curvy outfit; do ball gowns or A-line dresses instead. Know your body shape before choosing an outfit. Also if you have fats peeping out from those corners endeavor not to wear clingy clothes (that is absolutely a no-no) instead wear something with a little bit of room.

Endeavor not to slouch when you sit, walk with your back straight up and your chin held high. Ladies if you can’t work the heels please don’t wear them (It kills me when I see ladies on heels walking like they limp). Wear comfortable heels like wedges or flats.

I guess enough said for now. Women pass this on to other women while men take a cue from this and show your women.

Let’s do this people.


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