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Do you want real time business news and professional contents?

Did you know that LinkedIn is the networking site for professionals and business news ?

For happenings in the business world go on LinkedIn Pulse. In the real world the more information at your disposal the more your chances of success. On LinkedIn Pulse you do not just read the news you also get to share it thus your connections think you are business savvy and current like that (cool right?).

Download the LinkedIn App and the Pulse App then sync them together by signing in to the Pulse App with your LinkedIn account. It automatically gives you the top headlines of the day based on your professional listing and connections and shows the articles your connections shared.

You get to read posts from numerous publishers, influencers in your industries, stories shared by your connections, business news and breaking news of relevant industries thus keeping you abreast of daily happenings. You have the choice of saving an article for later or deleting what you have no interest in reading by sliding it to the left and if you mistakenly delete it you can undo the action. What better way to be armed for the day?

LinkedIn Pulse 1.2.0 built for Watch OS 2 is now on Apple Watch so you can read your top 10 news headlines on the go. It is free so no excuses.

As an entrepreneur possessing the right  information increases your business’s chances. You can read the news on the go and also work on your networking skills.

If you know of other means of getting valuable real time business news and contents kindly share them with our readers in the comment section.

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