MoKrsytal 101

MoKrsytal 101

We all want to be the cynosure when we go to an event or even in our everyday lives like going to the office, the beach, mall, cinema or even at an exhibition. Your ensemble is not complete till you have a glamorous outfit that fits your body type in colors that match your skin while properly matched with the right accessories. Your accessories are capable of making a bold statement; they take you from drab to glam.
At MoKrystal we give you fashion tips that makes you look elegant, graceful, dazzling and chic. We also share with you timeless fashion items that you should have in your closet to build your style (Brand) and at the best price of course.
Owning exquisite pieces should not be a do or die affair rather it should be purchased at a reasonable price. These and so much more at MoKrystal.
Let’s do this.

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